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Mira’s Homemade snackable raw granola has a hearty five to six month shelf life if kept in a cool, dry place (up to a year if kept in the fridge or freezer) but we’re betting your bag doesn’t make it to week two! Let us know; we’d love to hear from you and add your comments to this page. 

Here is a small sampling of comments we've received:

I just wanted to let you know that I tried your Double Nut granola at the Kimberton Whole Foods in Downingtown, PA. It was so yummy! I bought a bag, and my fiance has been eating it, so I'll definitely go back to buy some more. I like the pop of the sprouted buckwheat. Great texture, and not too sweet! We love it. Jen G. (PA)

Mira's Granola: Simply.The.Best! Alison L. (PA)

[Your granola] is the best I have ever had. If you want me to bring it to any health food stores [in the New Hampshire area] to get people to sample and experience the quality of your granola, just ask. It really is a WINNER!! James C. (NH)

“Intensely delicious" is the truth! These [granola] are gold. You can taste the love with which they're made! ♥ And soooo good for you to boot! Marcy L. (PA)

I am totally craving this [granola]. It’s amazing!! Tavia P. (NY)

Love Mira's Homemade granola! Dan G. (CA)

(Highlining in a Mira's Homemade tee at Taft Point, 800 ft. above Yosemite Valley)

Minimal ingredients with maximum flavor, possessing a satisfying and unbeatable crunch factor! Miryam Y. (MD)

I find it especially rejuvenating to enjoy after a long run or other exercise, or to simply have as an uplifting treat for a long car ride. Not only is it nutritious and delicious, but it’s also made with tons of love that serenely warms your soul! Peacefully eat, enjoy, and love! (Also, keeping it in the freezer makes it nice and crispy fresh to crunch on any time!) Renee G. (FL)

It is delicious and has a unique flavor and texture! My little nieces and nephews... kept asking for more again and again! A multi-generational treat! Pamela R. (PA)

Your Granola is the best. Fantastic sprinkled over Greek yogurt! Ken A. (PA)

I like Mira's Granola because it tastes so good and I know that it's healthy. It has some really good things in it that I like to eat… [and it’s] awesome!  Jadyn P. age 7 (PA)

I'm addicted to your've got something really good going!  Mary V. (PA)

I am currently appreciating you and your granola. If you [ever] move to the west coast I'll work for you and live on blueberry banana granola! Siri G. (OR)

I love Mira's granola... healthy, chewy, snack right out of the bag or great as a cereal topping too! Sherry J. (PA)       

Knowing Mira, I expected her Granola to be good, but I had no idea just how good it would be! I love my plant-based diet, but sometimes I desperately want something crunchy. Mira's [Homemade] Granola is the perfect solution. It provides the crunch I crave, plus it's organic, vegan, gluten-free, and has no added sugar, oil, or salt! It just doesn't get better than that. Thanks to Mira for creating something so amazing. I can taste the love in each bite! Denise B.P. (PA)

It [is] delicious and I am hooked! Nancy L. (MD)

I love Mira's granola! It's one of my favorite snacks and breakfasts, it tastes really yummy with yogurt. It's also super cool because it tastes awesome and it's good for your body. Nora C. age 13 (PA)

Bought some cacao-hemp granola today. WOW!!!!! My new go-to treat when babe falls asleep. Replaces the ice cream :) Absolutely delicious. Maribeth G. (PA)

I love Mira's Homemade!! "From a happy person in Pt. Arena, CA"

I LOVE your granola-it is my dream raw granola come to life. [Thank you] so very much for making it and sending it into the world. I am visiting in NJ and have had the good fortune to come across it. Heather P.

I saw you... at the VegFest. Your new Mango Coconut is awesome! When can it be purchased online? --The bag I bought won't last long! Susan O. (MD)

Try it warm: 1/2 cup granola with 1/4 of your favorite milk microwaved 30-45 seconds. It's delicious! Jeff G. (PA)

Your granola is absolutely delicious! I think the mango coconut is my favorite, though each flavor is very tasty. What's most amazing is that it fits my way of eating (I don't eat sugar, flour, or wheat.) Thank you sooo much!Marcy L. (PA)

This stuff is so good it not only nourishes you but feeds your soul! Thank you Mira! Making my mornings amazing!  Melissa K.M. (PA)

We just had our first bag - cacao & hemp... WOW!!! Some of the best granola ever!! Nice Job!! I'm about 70% raw and this stuff is great... also love that you're in the Philly area!!  Del F. (PA)

And from the youngest fan of Mira's Homemade  (see video)...  Little Wendy W-H, (CA)

(Note: Little Wendy is the granddaughter of Wendy Walter.)

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We love our granola for a variety of reasons and believe you will love it, too! But don't take our word for it. Check out what these dedicated, health-conscious web bloggers are sharing with their readers about Mira's Homemade!

My name is Angela, I live in Washington, DC, and I am The Veracious Vegan. Veracious (not voracious!) means honest and that is exactly what I intend to be as I offer uncut reviews of vegan cuisine, chocolat, and vino. Please join me as I endeavor to visit the top restaurants in the world...

...They are making granola out of sprouted buckwheat because the act of sprouting increases the nutritional content of the buckwheat by producing more vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes. All of the granolas are completely organic, raw, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. They contain no refined sugars, are low in sodium, high in fiber, and are a good source of protein. Could it get any better?

What about the taste? So unique!  Take the Blueberry Banana for example. I love the crunchy buckwheat. All you taste when you bite into the granola is blueberries, bananas, and buckwheat. Dates are the only other ingredient. They are so natural and pure.

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My name is Kaila…a college student with a passion for health and fitness. I’ve eaten pretty healthy since I was little and grew to love being active and outside from my parents. As I’ve grown, I have developed my own passions, but my love of good food, exploring new places, moving my body, and nourishing myself have never wavered.

...I was intrigued by [their] products because they are truly the first raw granola (or, frankly, granola in general!) I’ve seen on the market that has no added sweeteners! Sure I’ve made no-sugar-added granola on my own before, but I’ve never seen a company that sweetens their granola only with fruit…and in the case of these granolas…DATES! What’s great about these granolas is that what they leave out in terms of sweeteners, does not compromise their flavor or texture at all! In fact, this is some of the most crunchy granola I’ve ever had! No oil, added sweeteners, or weird additive required!...

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