Our Story


Mira Yardumian, Co-owner / Director of Operations

mira@mirashomemade.com  / 215-370-6899

My love for granola began in the late 1960s when my parents introduced me to 'natural food,' a counter movement to the highly processed canned and boxed food that had become mainstream.

Faced with limited and often bland choices, I began making my own granola that sold in the two area health food stores. My love for traveling interrupted that venture and I soon found myself on the road for the next ten+ years.

I landed in Texas in the late '70s where I got a job prepping for the cooks at The Juice Factory, a vegetarian cafe in Austin. It didn't take long before I moved up to cook and continued cultivating a love for creative veg fare. I eventually returned to PA, married, and brought two remarkable daughters into the world. While they were quite young I returned to producing concerts for an unique contemporary folk venue in my hometown. Providing delicious veg food for the amazing artists who graced Common Ground was the ultimate joy for me for thirteen years. 

Three years into Common Ground I co-revived the Bryn Athyn Organic Foods Co-op. This particular iteration's focus was on organic produce, but offered many other natural foods and household items as well. The Co-op enjoyed a nineteen year run. For most of those years I dreamed of owning a vegan cafe but out of necessity tailored the dream down to building a business based on the snackable raw granola that you are now reading about.

Creating nutritious food that is simple but satisfying has always appealed to me. Using five or fewer ingredients in our snackable raw granola adheres to that appeal. We believe that for something so simple our snackable raw granola has a lot going for it! We hope you agree, and that you enjoy eating all four flavors as much as I enjoy making them!

Scout Yardumian-Grubb, [Past] Director of Sales and Marketing
scout@mirashomemade.com / 215-346-2949

NOTE: Scout is off getting a post-bac in film at a west coast university so unfortunately for us she is not currently working at Mira's Homemade. It goes without saying she is missed. We are leaving up her story because it's a sweet part of our history, and because we'll always be grateful to her for all she did for us. 

I was, obviously, raised vegetarian in an organic household. I'll admit, I ate a lot of junk food in my youth, but as I got older I tried to eat more healthily and eventually went vegan like my mom. Going away to college while trying to pay my own way limited my food choices again, but fortunately I had a lifeline: my mom and her new dehydrator full of food that could easily be shipped to my dorm.

After graduating, my mom's granola business wasn't even a year old, and I did what I could to help. I remember taking her to one of the first Veg Fests that my alma mater hosted, where she polled people on their opinions of the Blueberry Banana because she wanted to get the recipe perfect. I took a retail job for two and a half years to pay off the rest of my debt and save up, but once that was square I knew I'd be happiest helping my mom make her dream come true.

Throughout my life, I get asked the same question: "If you're vegan, what do you eat? How do you get all the nutrients you need?" These days my answer, and the answer I hope many people will be able to give in the future, is "Mira's Homemade granola."

Nina Joy Berman, Lifetime Co-owner / Former Director of Sales & Marketing

NOTE: Although Nina has moved on to other pursuits, she remains a business partner at Mira's Homemade for the duration of its existence. If not for Nina's diligence and focused efforts shortly after its inception, Mira's Homemade would most likely not exist today. Her sweet disposition, innate wisdom, determination, and thoughtfulness are missed here. We're delighted she is working where her many talents are being put to good use, and where others can be as graced by her presence as we were!


"My love for health and nutrition sparked when my father introduced me to yoga at the age of seventeen. I experienced firsthand the effects of living a healthy lifestyle. After graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and becoming a certified holistic health coach, I wanted to learn more about the business side of things.

I walked into a local health food store and stumbled upon Mira's Homemade raw granola. Like any holistic health coach would do, I turned the package over and looked directly at the ingredients. I was amazed to see there were only four whole and organic ingredients... AND it was delicious!

Working at Mira's Homemade has given me the opportunity to combine my passions of communication and nutrition. Now I have the chance to provide others with food that is delicious and nutritious!"