Mango Coconut

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photo by nina's brother mango coconut.jpg
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Mango Coconut

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Your new Mango Coconut is awesome! ...The bag I bought won't last long! ~ Susan O (MD)


The sweetness in our newest flavor is derived from organic dates & organic dried mangoes.  

Introduced in May of 2013, Mango-Coconut is fast becoming the new favorite with many of our customers. Like our other flavors, we use minimal ingredients for maximum nutrition. Simple never tasted so satisfying! We think you will agree!

MANGO-COCONUT granola is lovingly handmade using purified water and the following four organic, raw ingredients:

  • Sprouted buckwheat
  • Dates
  • Dried mangoes
  • Shredded coconut


  • The mango pieces make this our chewiest granola. Chewy is good 'cause you can enjoy it longer!
  • You get slightly more than 8oz of product because we sprinkle in any extra coconut we have after we hand-make it
  • Snackable, spoonable, and pourable size pieces
  • Tends to be sweeter than our other three flavors 


  • Right out of the bag
  • Dipped in your favorite yogurt (Daiya or Kite Hill are our favorites!)
  • In a bowl with almond or similar milk
  • Sprinkled over your favorite ice cream (Any flavor of Coconut Bliss will do!)
  • Added to salads for extra zip
  • Spread nut butter on banana and/or apple slices, then dip into granola bits for an amazing snack experience!
  • If you love trail mix you'll love it even more with Mango Coconut mixed into it
  • As an amazing cheesecake crust! (Info@mirashomemade for recipe)
  • Refrigerate or freeze for super crunchiness and added longevity!