Frequently Asked Questions

How is Mira's Homemade different from other granola?
We call it "refreshingly different" because Mira's Homemade uses no oats, brown sugar, honey, agave, or oils which are typically found in conventional granola. Ours is gluten-free (buckwheat is not a grain; it is a member of the rhubarb family), and the sweetness is derived from organic dates and other fruits used (e.g. raisins, mangoes). We use five or fewer ingredients which is unusual for granola. We also love how our granola pieces are of various shapes and sizes - they are neither bits nor bars. There is an element of surprise in non-uniformity which has its own kind of appeal.

Why is it priced higher than other granola?
Along with our snackable granola being hand-made and hand-packaged in small batches, it is considered to be more of a snack food than a breakfast cereal. It's only about $1/ounce, which puts it in line with most health bars and other granola-based snacks, except ours comes with the versatility of being eaten on its own, as a cereal, or combined with other foods. Additionally, because we are such a small operation (one unpaid person), we buy our organic ingredients in smaller quantities which means we pay more for them than if we bought them by the pallet. Our SRP (suggested retail price) is competitive with other raw products. Some retailers adhere to that SRP while others price it higher, at their discretion. We hope you will see it as a worthy alternative to, and investment in, your good health and snacking happiness! 

At what temperature do you dehydrate your raw granola?
We dehydrate at 145 degrees for the first hour or two, after which we turn the temperature down to 105. Because of the high moisture content in the granola preparation, the food temperature will not exceed 118 degrees, neither will the air temperature immediately rise to 145. It takes several hours for the temp to get up that high. This is the best way to preserve the living enzymes and avoid the potential for spoilage or bacteria growth while maintaining the raw, nutritional integrity of the granola.

I love those unconventionally shaped granola pieces, but what do I do with all those small buckwheat pieces at the bottom of the bag?
Those are exceptional in yogurt or sprinkled over ice cream (I love mine in Daiya or Kite Hill yogurt or over Coconut Bliss Ice Cream). Try mixing them into oatmeal or atop your salad to give them a little zing! A fun snack food that kids and adults love is to cut up apples and/or bananas and spread a little nut butter on them, then dip into the bits. We also love using them for vegan cheesecake crust. Yum!! There is no need to waste a single morsel of our granola. The good news is it's not just for breakfast anymore. Your imagination will lead you to some excellent new ways to eat Mira's Homemade. Let us know what new blends you come up with!

I love your Blueberry-Banana granola but I heard it's been discontinued. Is that true?
It was discontinued for a time while we continued to search for a reliable source of organic blueberries for year-round use. The good news is, we expect to re-introduce this popular flavor in mid to late June. Watch for it in your area or find it online at Door To Door Organics or here on our website.

I noticed in the Cacao & Hemp flavor that there are a lot of green specks. Is that normal?
Yes, absolutely. The green color of the raw, organic hemp hearts comes from their high chlorophyll content. Your body will love you for eating them because chlorophyll is super good for your blood!

Every now and again I see a brown blob in the granola. What is it?
Here at Mira's Homemade we think of them as bonus blobs. They are pieces of date paste that didn't completely mix in the blender. If you like a little extra date in your granola you could consider that blob a sweet bonus!

What is the little packet Inside my granola bag?
That is a desiccant which helps to keep moisture from diminishing the freshness of the raw granola. It is non-toxic but shouldn't be eaten.

What is the actual shelf-life of your raw granola? How is it best stored?
Once opened the shelf life is easily four to five months if kept in a cool, dry area and the bag is re-sealed after each use. Six months if it's never been opened. Kept it in the refrigerator or freezer it will last a year, maybe more; the bonus to that is it will be extra crunchy!

Sometimes the mango-coconut flavor is chewy. Is that normal?
Yes. The advantage is that it takes longer to chew which makes it so the nutrients are better absorbed in the chewing process. In turn you feel more satiated while consuming less. And it's easier to digest food that's been well-chewed, so chew away!

Is Mira's Homemade REALLY "Homemade?"
Technically we don't make the granola in a home, but because we agree that home is where the heart is, and we LOVE making and sharing our raw granola, AND because we still make it all by hand, we can safely say that Mira's Homemade is indeed "homemade!"

Did you really sign each of your earlier bags?
I did. I am truly grateful to share good health with others. I've signed thousands of bags but now that we have our new bag my signing days are over. My gratitude, however, will always remain.

Do you make anything besides raw granola?
Stay tuned. You never know what will come out of our "snacktory" in the future! Whatever it is, you know it will be 'always vegan [and] always organic' - and definitely nutritious, simple and satisfyingly delicious!

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We appreciate your interest in our "refreshingly different" 100% raw granola. If you have a question or comment please send it to: If requested, we'll zip you a direct reply within a couple of days. Thank you!

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