Creative Ways to Eat Our Granola

Mira's Homemade 100% raw granola is not just for breakfast, but it's delicious that way, too, so we'll begin there:

Try it with flax, almond, soy, or other non-dairy milk (to maintain the vegan integrity) and, if you usually like fruit with your morning cereal, add some of that, too!

Greek almond yogurt is even yummier when you give it a little extra zing with our granola. Don't let those bottom-of-the-bag bits go to waste; sprinkle them in your yogurt or over Bliss Ice Cream. Oh my!

Try sprucing up your salad with a sprinkling of Mira's Homemade raw granola.

The easiest way to create a super-satisfying treat is to spread nut butter on the larger pieces of any flavor... yes, even mango-coconut! Or slice bananas and apples, dip into nut butter, then dip into granola bits. Kids love this, too. It's ridiculously good!

Vegan cheesecake? Absolutely! Our granola makes excellent cheesecake crust! And it will enable your cheesecake to not only be deliciously vegan, but also deliciously gluten-free.

Love your Trail mix but wish it had some crunch? Well, now it can! Add Mira's Homemade to it and get ready to fall in love with your trail mix all over again!

Mira makes a wicked apple-cobbler muffin using some of her granola. Bake creatively. Add our raw granola to a favorite muffin, cake, or torte recipe! If you'd like one of our baked recipes send us an email request: 


cacao & hemp vegan cheesecake.jpg