About Mira's Homemade

Thank you for making such a wonderful product! I'll be sure to share this with friends, family, and my health coaching clients. I've had such a hard time finding a granola sweetened only with fruit and you guys nailed it! I tried it out at the Doylestown Co-op and now I'm hooked. Thanks again and keep up the great work! ~  Alyson Clark  www.wellnessbyalyson.com

You will discover that "less [really] is more" when it comes to our refreshingly different snackable raw granola!

MIRA’S HOMEMADE snackable granola contains five or fewer raw organic ingredients. We are different in that we minimize ingredients while maximizing nutrition and taste. Our granola are completely vegan, GMO, soy & gluten-free, contain no refined sugars, are low in sodium, and contain a respectable amount of fiber and protein. Children as well as adults enjoy them in a variety of ways, but especially right out of the bag. And because they double as a delicious snack food, a growing number of people prefer them over heavily sugared or salty snack alternatives.

Our snackable granola are not just for breakfast but you can enjoy them that way, too. They are a crunchy addition to oatmeal, salads, your favorite dairy-free yogurt, atop dairy-free ice cream, (this vegan's preference; please feel free to choose yours), or for an amazing new snack experience spread some nut butter on apple and/or banana slices and dip into the granola bits - yum!! Because we are somewhere between bits and bars in the granola world, the possibilities are yours to create, right down to the last morsel. However you eat them we know you will love them, and for sure your body will!


Thank you for sharing the exceptional nutrition and great taste of these four personality-packed granola with your family and friends... with our love and gratitude. 


To create food that does the least amount of harm to, and the most amount of good for, animals, humans, and the natural resources on our precious planet.

This image is an official logo of the Palo Alto Humane Society (PAHS) and is being used by permission. Mira's Homemade loves and supports humane societies. Please visit the PAHS Web site at paloaltohumane.org to find out how you can support the good work that they and other humane societies do.

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