Mira's Homemade is officially out of business as of 12/31/17.  Our thanks to everyone who has supported and enjoyed our snackable raw granola over the years. 

We set out six years ago with a mission: To offer a simple yet satisfying snack built on an attitude of compassion. I am proud of what we've achieved as a small, family-run business, and am especially appreciative of all the encouraging feedback you've given us about our granola.

This endeavor meant a great deal to me personally. We have put extra care and love into our last batches which you may be able to find in one of our current store locations. Hopefully you can make a purchase from their remaining inventory as online sales are no longer available.

We are grateful to each of you for making more sustainable food choices which contributes to the well-being of our precious planet, and the animals and humans who grace it.  

From our family to yours, we hold a continued vision for a New Year overflowing with good health, kindness, compassion and love. 

Mira & family

Snackable granola, hand-made, hand-packed, one delicious batch at a time

Blueberry Banana      SOLD OUT

Cacao & Hemp

Double Nut

Mango Coconut